Luxury Living Guide: Designer Tips for High-End Interior Design

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A Guide to Luxury Homes – How To Make Your home look and feel luxurious

Picture this : a magazine home that combines comfort, cozy atmosphere, and stunning design, screaming “WOW” and inspiring escape from reality.

Creating such an ultimate interior design may seem …Well, IMPOSSIBLE !

BUT don’t worry! I’m going to make it really simple for you. With the right steps, it becomes entirely feasible. 

As someone who’s worked in high end real estate for over 8 years, I’ve learned how to blend high-end looks with practical living.

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Before you start transforming your existing space or design a new home with an expensive look, remember that there are key decor essentials that can turn this vision into a tangible reality. 

Designing a luxury interior extends beyond showcasing price tags; it’s about creating an atmosphere that aspires to timeless elegance

Alright, now let’s explore 10 steps to creating a luxury interior, each acting as a piece of Puzzle, to make your home look and feel luxurious.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

1. Define Your INTERIOR DESIGN Style

First things first – before diving into the world of luxury, define your style. Is it contemporary, classic, or perhaps a fusion of both?

Your style will serve as the guiding light throughout the entire process, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious end result.

Let me share a cool story from my real estate world. I had this client who loved poetry, especially a particular poet. He wanted his home to feel like a tribute to that poet’s words.

So, along with the designer, we got creative! We picked colors, decorations, and furniture that echoed the feelings in the poet’s work.

THE RESULT? Well! It was amazing! Each room felt like a different part of a poem, and the whole place had this UNIQUE VIBE.

It just showed me how personal things, even something like loving a poet, can make a home special.

Luxury isn’t just about fancy stuff; it’s about making your space feel like you.

Your own experiences and adventures can be like a magic touch, filling your space with memories and stories. And you know what? Sometimes, what you love might not be everyone’s taste, and that’s PERFECTLY OKAY!

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2 : Set a Budget

Creating a luxurious interior doesn’t have to break the bank.

Set a realistic budget that aligns with your vision and explore high-quality options within those parameters. Remember, luxury is about curated choices, not CRAZY SPENDING. Explore this article on HomeGuideZone to discover tips for finding great deals on living room furniture.

I’ve developed some fancy projects where we had to think really carefully about every single dollar.

Sometimes, we didn’t have a huge budget, but that just made things interesting! It pushed us to be creative and find cool stuff that didn’t cost a fortune.

Now, let me share a tip with you : When you’re setting up your home, it’s not always about spending a lot on big items. Sometimes, the little things—like a unique piece of art or a stylish lamp—can make a HUGE difference ! 

So, when you’re decorating, focus on what really speaks to you, and don’t be afraid to mix and match. It’s those personal touches that turn a house into luxurious home.

3: Start Planning Your Space

Luxury isn’t just about making things look nice; it’s also about making your space work in a way that feels just right.

So, here’s the trick: Start by thinking about how people will move around the room. Imagine where their eyes will be drawn and how much space feels just right. 

I had a client once who loved hosting gatherings. For their living room, we made sure there was enough open space for mingling, but we also created cozy nooks for more intimate conversations.

Another thing to consider is having focal points. These are spots in a room that grab your attention, like a stunning piece of artwork or a beautiful fireplace. They add a touch of luxury without being overwhelming.

And hey, don’t forget about functionality! 

Each area in your space should have a PURPOSE. For example, in a bedroom, you want to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. So, choosing soft colors, comfortable furniture, and proper lighting IS KEY !

The bottom line is to make your space both beautiful and practical.

So, when you’re planning your space, think about how it will be used and what kind of vibe you want. That’s the secret sauce to achieving a truly luxurious feel in your home!

4: Select Premium Materials

Luxury is in the details my friend! and the materials you chose make ALL the rest easy peasy!

The materials that can take your space from ordinary to extraordinary! Trust me; luxury is all about those small details that make a big difference.

So, when it comes to materials, it’s like picking the VIPs of interior design.

First off, think about what you touch and see every day. Marble, hardwood, and fine fabrics – these are the celebrities of the material world. They don’t just look good; they feel OH SO good !

Imagine walking on a marble floor or sinking into a plush fabric sofa – that’s the kind of luxury we’re talking about! right ?

The key is to choose materials that not only scream luxury (Well, a little bit! we don’t want that BLING feeling neither) but also stand the test of time.

It’s like building a solid foundation for your home’s style. So, go ahead, touch, feel, and invest in those premium materials. 

They’re the secret sauce that turns your space into the luxurious HOME you’re looking to create!

5 : Select Lighting Carefully

A well-lit space can accentuate luxury like nothing else. Experiment with a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create layers of lighting.

Consider statement chandeliers, designer lamps, and recessed lighting to add depth and drama.

Soft, warm lights can turn a room into a cozy luxurious place, while strategically placed spotlights can highlight architectural marvels.

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6 : Invest in Art and Accessories

Art and cool extras are like the heart and soul of fancy interiors.

Here’s the deal : Get pieces that speak to you, whether it’s an old-school painting, a modern sculpture, or even special stuff made by local crafty folks.

Accessories are the sidekicks that bring everything together. Think funky furniture that stands out, cozy rugs, and cool decor items. It’s like putting the final touch on a masterpiece – making your place look awesome and totally YOU!

If your home has a spacious hallway or a prime spot right at the entrance, consider going for a BIG, eye-catching PAINTING.

It’s like giving your space a VIP treatment, making a bold statement that grabs everyone’s attention the moment they step in.

It’s like saying, “Hey, welcome to my stylish luxurious home “ But hey! let’s keep it real, we don’t want to sound SUPER FANCY, just a DECENT amount of Fancy ;)!

7: Create a Color Palette

In upscale homes, they use a mix of colors that gives off a really classy vibe. 

Here’s a simple trick: pick one main color you really like, and then add in some softer colors or shiny elements like gold or silver (I’d definitely go for Gold)

Think about classy neutral tones too, like cream – they can evoke a luxurious feel.

When all these colors play well together, it makes the whole design look sleek and sophisticated


Imagine it like putting together your favorite outfit, think about how your expensive outfit  looks : classy with neutral colors right? maybe a designer bag, and a little bit of gold bling.

It doesn’t have to shout “FANCY” but it sure adds a touch of style!

 It’s the same with home design – when your colors work together, it’s like having a secret recipe for a stylish and well-put-together home that reflects your taste. 

So, go ahead and have fun with colors (I personally like sticking to calm neutral creams and adding pops of color with accessories like artwork and pillows) and throw in a bit of shine; it’s the secret to making your place look really fancy and well-put-together.

8: Customization and Personalization

Luxury is all about making your space feel SUPER MEGA SPECIAL. 

Here’s a cool tip: think about getting custom-made furniture and decor.

It’s like adding your personal touch to everything! Imagine having furniture made just for you, or shelves that fit your space perfectly, or even art that’s totally unique.

I HIGHLY SUGGEST Teaming up with really talented craftsmen and artists to create stuff that’s one-of-a-kind.

It’s like making pieces that match YOUR personality, and that’s a pretty cool experience! RIGHT ?

 So, if you want your place to feel exclusive and totally you, think about adding some custom-made touches.

9: Embrace Technology

In today’s world, making your home fancy isn’t just about how it looks but also about using smart technology. 

It’s like adding some super cool stuff to make your life easier. 

So go ahead, get the latest gadgets that can control your lights and even the temperature in your home, without breaking your bank account

It’s like having a high-tech helper that makes everything work smoothly and makes your place feel really modern, luxurious and stylish!

10: Continuous Evolution.

My real estate experience have taught me that luxury is not static. It evolves with time and TRENDS. Being open to change ensures that your living spaces remain timeless and captivating.

So keep in mind that creating a luxurious home is like an ongoing adventure, not a one-time thing. 

Keep making your space even better by keeping an eye on new design trends, trying out different materials, and giving your decor a little update from time to time. 

It’s like letting your home grow and change, but always keeping that special touch that makes it uniquely YOURS.

So, don’t be afraid to mix things up and stay open to new ideas – that’s the key to a constantly evolving and stylish space!

11: Size Matters for the Wow Effect

This the LAST and MOST important SECRET to making your home look luxurious

 Alright, let’s dive a bit deeper into it.

Luxurious homes are not just about picking things; it’s about boldly embracing your choices. Size becomes a secret ingredient when you aim to make your space truly spectacular.

Imagine this: hanging on your walls, there’s art so massive it grabs your attention from across the room. 

Your light fixtures? They’re not just tall; they’re super tall, casting a stunning glow that turns heads.

And don’t forget those HUGE plants—green giants that bring life and energy to your space.

Now, let’s talk furniture. It’s not just furniture; it’s furniture that’s not afraid to be noticed. Picture grand sofas, imposing tables, and statement pieces that command attention. 

It’s not a case of playing it safe; it’s about going big or going home. You’re creating a wow factor, making your space stand out in the most awesome way possible.

It’s the kind of design that turns heads and leaves a lasting impression, making your home an extraordinary reflection of your style and personality.

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Designing a fancy home is like creating something super cool, mixing passion, creativity, and paying attention to little things. 

Every step, from figuring out your style to trying out new tech stuff, helps make your place feel extra special.

My time in real estate taught me that fancy homes aren’t just about looking nice; they’re about adding your own stories and memories.

Now, it’s your turn! Jump into this fun journey and let your home be a reflection of all the awesome things in your life. What do you think about making your home special? Share your thoughts below!

Until next time, 


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  1. Jasmine

    I LOVE this post! I particularly agree in using softer colors to balance the neutral palette and using artwork. I have implemented this in my bedroom, painting the walls a softer cream, positioning ambient lighting and hanging my gold framed art and it makes it so classy, luxe and plush. Saving this to reference as I work on my other rooms. 😊

  2. Katy Trott

    One day…….maybe, one day I could create this! Gorgeous ideas……

  3. Anna

    Great post – very comprehensive and gives good insight into what makes a space feel luxurious. Will certainly be working on implementing!

  4. Andrea

    Love, love this!! Especially the story about your client & creating the rooms to reflect different parts of the poem. So cool and unique. & I totally agree about picking the right lighting—it can make all the difference!

  5. Maryanne

    Love all these tips but especially INVEST IN ART AND ACCESSORIES! My brother is just about to decorate and furnish his new house that is being built so I will direct him to your tips. Thanks for sharing!

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