“The Unexpected Red Theory”, An Interior Design Trend You Can’t-Miss! 5 Design Tips For Incorporating Red Into Your Space

Recently introduced by Brooklyn-based designer Taylor Migliazzo Simon on TikTok, the “Unexpected Red Theory” presents a fascinating concept in interior design. It suggests that incorporating a splash of red can remarkably enhance the visual appeal of any space, even in unexpected contexts.

The Unexpected Red Theory has sparked excitement on social media, captivating design enthusiasts worldwide.

We have witnessed red emerge in kitchens years ago, only to fade quickly, likely due to its overwhelming nature. However, this theory aims to sustain the trend by approaching red differently.

Instead of dominating a space, red functions like red lipstick paired with a neutral, classy outfit—adding flair and sophistication to the space without overpowering.

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In this post, we’ll explore this popular trend and understand why it’s gaining traction. Additionally, I’ll share 5 practical ideas on how you can incorporate it into your space in a way that allows for easy adjustments if you ever feel overwhelmed by the look.

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a bedroom with a penneled red wall and a classical design

Image Credit: Artventurermom by Asmaa


If you are on Instagram and TikTok, I’m sure you came across this viral sound saying “Go bold or go home, and what if home was bold? should I just stay home?”
Red is bold, thus it holds a significant influence on the interior design due to its dynamic nature. Its ability to evoke feelings of energy, passion, and warmth makes it a popular choice for designers seeking impactful spaces.

I’m sure you have felt the vibrancy and intensity that red can bring to a room,  through a bold accent wall or subtle pops of color in decor.

Whether used boldly or subtly, red has the power to completely transform a room’s atmosphere.

For example, a red accent wall can instantly draw attention and add depth, while red accessories like throw pillows or rugs can infuse vibrancy into a neutral space.

Additionally, red stimulates conversation and creates a cozy ambiance, making it ideal for social areas like living rooms or dining spaces.

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How to Create a Balanced Palette: Tips for Adding Red to Your Space

 When adding red to your interior spaces, it’s important to think about the overall color scheme and balance of the room.

Start by choosing a shade of red that goes well with your existing decor and enhances the mood you want to create.

While I typically prefer neutral designs, adding a splash of color can keep things interesting. In my past blog posts, I’ve often suggested adding pops of color to neutral spaces.

I like to stick to neutral colors for big, long-lasting pieces like sofas and have fun with accessories, making it easy to switch things up for a fresh look.

If you like to go bold with furniture, walls and accents, that’s great, you will find plenty of ideas in this post that will help you make your space more whimsical.

5 Creative Ways to Incorporate Red into Your Space


You have two options to add a red touch to your space: paint the wall or use wallpaper. A red wall can bring energy and warmth, becoming a focal point that grabs attention and adds visual interest. It creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making the room feel comfortable.

Additionally, a red wall can serve as a backdrop for showcasing artwork or furniture pieces, helping them to stand out and make a statement. This adds balance and contrast to the neutral tones around it, giving the room depth and dimension.

living room modern style dark red accent wall and beige sofa

Image Credit: Artventurermom by Asmaa


Adding red lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights or lamps, can significantly enhance the ambiance of a room. Red lighting has the unique ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making spaces like the bedroom or dining room feel cozy and comfortable.

Here is a carefully curated selection of red lamps that I recommend for adding a pop of color and warmth to your space, PLEASE NOTE: some of these lamps are vintage.


– Mini Red Mushroom Table Lamp

– Wireless Trendy Red Lamp

– Small Trendy Red Lamp

Verner Panton 'pantop Portable' Wireless T...

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Gourd 30.5-Inch H Long Neck Ceramic Table ...

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From my perspective, one of the essential elements for achieving a stylish space is the presence of rugs. They not only cover the floor but also define and unify different areas within a room. Professionally speaking, rugs play a crucial role in creating a cohesive design.

When considering the use of red rugs, I believe they can make a notable impact, specially if your furniture is neutral. Whether they feature a bold pattern or a solid color, red rugs add visual interest and texture to the room. They enhance the warmth and depth of the floor while serving as eye-catching focal points that elevate the overall look of the space.

4. Don't Hold Back: Incorporate Red into Your Wall Art

Large pieces of red artwork can serve as captivating centerpieces, instantly transforming the atmosphere and injecting personality into your space. Alternatively, creating a gallery wall featuring red-themed pieces allows you to curate a visually cohesive and engaging display.

I have curated some original and beautiful wall art that you can shop online, for a pop of red color in your home.

Tulip in Caramel and Red Fine Art Print 14...

L​iz Roache's "Tulip" design was inspired by the iconic New England spring. ​As win... [More]

Price: $185.00

5. Unexpected Surprises in Unexpected Places

Integrating red accents into unconventional areas such as hallways, fireplaces, or even closets, could be surprisingly transformative for your space. 

By deviating from traditional design norms, you inject a sense of spontaneity and creativity into your space and break away from the ordinary creating a sense of intrigue and excitement.

You can achieve this by using red wallpaper in your closet, a red vase on your entryway console table or stipes of red painting on your fireplace.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my article, I hope you found inspiration and new perspectives on incorporating red into your living spaces.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the red theory in the comments below. Your feedback is invaluable and greatly appreciated!

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  1. Anna | The Woman's Way

    Love the idea of incorporating red! I’ve noticed it’s quite the trend recently and while I prefer more muted tones generally for a calm and relaxing sort of space, I’ve been toying with the idea of adding red into my office recently – I like the idea of the boldness. Thank you!

  2. Anthuwin Cupido

    Red can make a space feel cozy and welcoming, stir up strong feelings, and stand out visually in a room! Great article!

    • asmaa

      Thank you

  3. Tracy McHugh

    I love the red accent walls! Such cute ideas. I need more red around. Such a great color.

  4. Katy Trott

    I love the colour red in decorating – I have pops of red in my kitchen with my kettle and toaster. It always cheers me up! Thanks for sharing

  5. Aisha Whitlock

    wow you know alot about home decor

  6. Linda Johnston

    Glad to know I am ahead of the red trend! Some red is in most of our rooms! Plus I do think every woman should have one pair of red shoes. Enjoyed this post.

    • asmaa

      Thank you Linda

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