8 Timeless Scandinavian Chairs for iconic Design

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scandinavian chairs

Scandinavian design, renowned for its blend of simplicity, functionality, and elegance, has left an indelible mark on the world of furniture.

At the heart of this design movement lie iconic chairs, timeless pieces that seamlessly merge form and function.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most revered Scandinavian chairs, unraveling their design nuances, and offering affordable alternatives for those seeking to bring a touch of Nordic charm into their homes.

1. The Egg Chair

Designer: Arne Jacobsen Year of Design: 1958 Characteristics: The Egg Chair stands as a testament to Arne Jacobsen’s innovative approach to design. Its distinctive egg-shaped silhouette, high back, and enclosed structure create a cocoo of comfort. Crafted with precision, this chair is an embodiment of mid-century modern luxury. Design Nuances:The Egg Chair was originally designed for the lobby of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark. Its curvilinear form was a departure from the angular shapes of the time, adding a touch of organic elegance to interior spaces. WHERE TO BUY EGG CHAIR REPLICAS : Reproductions of the Egg Chair are available on various online brands like WordMarket, Article, West Elm or Sohnne.

2. The Wishbone Chair

– Designer : Hans Wegner – Year of Design : 1949 – Characteristics : Commonly known as the Wishbone Chair, Wegner’s CH24 is an exemplar of Danish craftsmanship. Its Y-shaped back, inspired by the structure of a wishbone, and a light, airy design showcase Wegner’s commitment to creating functional yet aesthetically pleasing furniture. – Design Nuances : The Wishbone Chair is often hailed as Wegner’s most iconic work and remains in production to this day. The chair’s frame is meticulously crafted from steam-bent wood, and the seat is woven from paper cord, emphasizing natural materials. – WHERE TO BUY THE WISHBONE CHAIR REPLICASAMAZON : Click on the links to shop Wishbone Chair – Light wood Wishbone Chair – Black Metal Wishbone Chair – Black wood – SOHNNE Wishbon Replica.  

3. The Panton Chair

– Designer: Verner Panton

– Year of Design: 1967

– Characteristics: Verner Panton’s Panton Chair is a bold statement of 1960s design. Its fluid, S-shaped form and monobloc construction, molded from a single piece of plastic, make it a sculptural masterpiece.

– Design Nuances:

Panton’s innovative use of materials, specifically plastic, challenged traditional notions of furniture design. The chair is often associated with pop art and the psychedelic aesthetics of the 1960s.


Reproductions of the Panton Chair are available on various online furniture retailers like Amazon, Poly+Bark and LexMod. Seek out replicas that maintain the chair’s unique form and use of materials.


– Designer: Hans Wegner – Year of Design: 1950 – Characteristics: Hans Wegner’s CH25 Lounge Chair is a testament to the designer’s skill in combining comfort with organic aesthetics. With a woven seat and teak frame, it exudes elegance and craftsmanship. – Design Nuances: Wegner’s focus on traditional craftsmanship is evident in the hand-woven seat, providing both support and visual appeal. The lounge chair’s timeless design allows it to seamlessly integrate into various interior and exterior styles. – WHERE TO BUY THE CH25 CHAIR REPLICAS Seek inspired designs on websites like Sohnne, Amazon, Joybird or Inmod. Amazon, Vintage and second-hand furniture shops may also yield budget-friendly options for those looking to bring this iconic piece into their homes. Click the links to see Amazon’s Chairs : -Natural Stain Outdoor Chair – Indoor Outdoor Folding Chair – Indoor Outdoor Black/Wood Folding Chair    SOHNNE CH25 Replica   

5. The Shell Chair

– Designer: Hans J. Wegner – Year of Design: 1963 – Characteristics: Wegner’s Shell Chair is a masterclass in form and comfort, featuring a distinct three-legged design and a seat resembling an open shell. It showcases Wegner’s ability to merge sculptural elegance with ergonomic functionality. – Design Nuances: The Shell Chair was initially considered challenging to manufacture due to its complex form, but Wegner’s commitment to craftsmanship prevailed. Its timeless appeal lies in the balance between organic shapes and structural stability. – WHERE TO BUY THE SHELL CHAIR REPLICAS AMAZON : Click the links to shop – Modern Shell lounge – Belleze Shell Chair SOHNNE : CH07 Shell Chair Replica  


– Designer: Gaetano Pesce

– Year of Design: 1969

– Characteristics: Organic and sculptural, designed as a tribute to mothers.

– Design Nuances:

Distinctive, embracing form challenges conventional chair design.

Handmade and unique, each piece tells a personalized story.


Limited reproductions might be available through specialty retailers like SOHNNE

7. The Kangaroo Chair

– Designer: Poul Kjærholm – Year of Design: 1952 – Characteristics: Steel frame, leather sling seat. – Design Nuances: Reflects Kjærholm’s emphasis on clean lines and industrial materials. Balance of minimalism and functional elegance. – WHERE TO BUY THE KANGAROO CHAIR REPLICAS : Seek inspired designs with attention to steel and leather craftsmanship like Cassina or SOHNNE, Some models are also available on AMAZON (Click the links to see Amazon’s chairs): – Mid-century modern chair – Accent Boho Chair 


– Designers: Charles and Ray Eames

– Year of Design: 1956

– Characteristics: Molded plywood shell, plush leather upholstery.

– Design Nuances:

Updated take on the traditional English club chair.

Symbol of mid-century modern design and ergonomic comfort.


Replicas and inspired designs available at various price points LIKE HEARMAN MILLER, SOHNNE, DESIGN WITHIN REACH.


In the world of furniture design, these iconic chairs stand as icons of innovation, comfort, and style. From the organic elegance of the Egg Chair to the avant-garde design of the La Mamma Chair, each piece tells a unique story of craftsmanship and design philosophy.

Whether through budget-friendly alternatives or high-end replicas, these iconic chairs invite you to bring a touch of timeless elegance into your living spaces. 

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