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    Mid-century modern living room


    oak buffet and beige chair, cozy look

    How to make your home "You": A Journey from Confusion to Confidence!

    Ever felt overwhelmed in a furniture store or trying to figure out what size or color of furniture to chose, drowning in choices, wondering, “Does this reflect MY style?” Yeah, I’ve been there too!

    Imagine yourself wandering through a furniture store, surrounded by options, grappling with the question of what truly speaks to your style. Trust me, it’s a design puzzle we’ve all faced.

    No worries! Let’s set out on a Style Adventure together!

    Here, you’ll discover easy guides and real-life stories that unravel the mystery of finding your style. Ready to discover the magic?  Dive into my blog and ALL THE FREEBIES for confident style journey !



    Designer, Art Lover, and a mom of two adorable girls. With over 8 years of experience in real estate development as a Development and Design Manager, I’ve dived into the world of creating spaces that resonate with personality or what we Call “Soulful Places”.

    I love Coffee, Books and Friends.

    I’m here to Help you Infuse Warmth and Fun into Your Space With Chic and Trendy Ideas, DIY and Cozy Finds! Let’s make Your Home A Happy and Soulful Place.

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